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joint carrd for karako/everett. minor. they/them ev, he/him
karako. trans, gay, and acespec. we are part of a system but haven't made a new carrd yet.
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names: karako, everett (check account)age: 16. minor.pronouns: they/them, ke/kim/kis, he/him (check account)gender: trans.orientation: aspec and gay.race: white.mental illnesses: ptsd (self rx), depression, anxiety(both pro rx). undiagnosed traumagenic system.

i have more mental shit but don't wanna self diagnose
beyond what i reasonably can so just leave an 'undefined' there.

if y'all want me to type out a whole essay on my trauma so you can sleep better at night knowing it's legit, whatever. dm me.

karako pierot by me


ok, i'm assuming y'all know who you are, but here's
a little reminder just in case

block if:
truscum, terf, swerf, lgbtphobe, etc.nazi or other racistsupport incxst, bxstiality, pxdophilia, or maps/nomapsnsfw only blog including gore only blogsupport ddlg or similar (non-kink age regressors are ok)you ever went by "ash fave" on youtubeyou're my ex!
don't follow if:
bill cipher kin (and post about it)you go by "makaylee"